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Leverage the power of video to propel business growth.

Our commitment is to collaborate closely with you in order to create a personalized video strategy that not only expands your video presence but also aligns seamlessly with your brand aesthetic.


Are you an artist looking to tell your story? 

From idea to execution, we navigate your project with expertise, delivering impactful videos that align with your vision and budget.

We combine our creativity with your vision for maximum impact.

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Throughout the process of video concept development, we dive into your specific needs, explore creative ideas, and craft a personalized strategy that aligns with your goals.


Once our plan is established, our production team dedicates themselves to capturing your story in a manner that deeply resonates with your audience.




After filming, we enhance your footage with color correction and editing, ensuring a final product aligned with your brand.

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Do you have a vision that you

want to bring to life?

My mission is  to find the right emotional imagery to communicate your story, and connect to your audience.

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About Me

Hey there! I'm Kassandra Carrettini, a cinematographer and creative director based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. I create visual experiences that explore movement thought storytelling.

Growing up in both Spain and Italy, I developed a deep appreciation for the arts, eventually studying Fine Arts in Italy.

My passion for music and dance fuels my creative spirit, and I'm fortunate to collaborate with a talented team of creatives who help bring my clients' visions to life.
In 2021, my film "Ni de aqui, ni de alla" made its mark at numerous film festivals across the United States, Latin America, and France, ultimately winning the audience award at the prestigious Los Angeles Dance Short Film Festival.

I'm constantly seeking new artistic endeavors and opportunities to create meaningful visual experiences.


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